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About Us

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” -Mahatma Gandhi is leading source for nonprofit jobs and jobs for activists. We are a comprehensive resource of job listings, internships, training opportunities, media, and social networking for passionate, skilled job seekers.
What separates us from general online job boards is are targeted approach that connects the right job seekers to the right job opportunity. Not only are you navigating a site with a number of nonprofit jobs, but you are able to make connections, train, and gain experience. There are opportunities to gain experience with us as well, by contributing articles and video coverage. We extend the experience from just the web into communities.
Our Experience
This began as project with the goal of developing the richest resource for cause-based organizations to help fuel movements with the staffing and training resources they need. Collectively, we have over 20 years of experience in the areas of international aid, education, climate change, fair wage, the arts and healthcare, and fundraising. Activist Job Board provides the resources to search for jobs nationwide while connecting you with other passionate activists. Whether you’re searching for a job as a political field organizer, researcher, organizing director, communications specialist, educator/trainer, or instructor, your search begins here. Your connection begins with Activist Job Board.
Our Commitment

Diversity & Inclusion
Activist Job Board’s goal is to help organizations recruit talent as diverse as the communities they serve. We seek to draw from the broadest possible pool of qualified job seekers, talent, experience, and perspectives to help organizations establish work environments that, through inclusion, spur new ideas, reach new markets, and connect fully with their communities and constituents.
To ensure a diverse and inclusive environment we develop strategic partnerships, continue to build our extensive network, practicing targeted sourcing, and other innovative strategies.
We proactively recruit candidates from a diverse pool of job seekers.
We continue to forge relationships with organizations with diverse constituencies to ensure diverse professionals are familiar with the Activist Job Board website.
We reinforce the value of diversity through communication and education.
We promote inclusiveness in our practices and business relationships.
We research and explore tools to evaluate our efforts to grow and retain a diverse workforce.
We develop social media strategies to include diverse communities and groups of professionals
We craft outreach strategies to universities, including groups and campuses with traditionally underrepresented groups or nontraditional students.
A successful diversity initiative has direct benefits for the organization internally. It reaches across lines including race, nationality, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, political affiliation, and disability.
Diversity is not a justification for double standards or for lowering of quality. In fact, it can impact an employer to recruit the best candidates and retain valued employees. To be competitive and attract the best available talent, an organization must be recognized as providing an environment with genuine opportunity for advancement and success for all employees. A competitive organization has a reputation of valuing all employees for the skills they bring to the organization, and becomes a magnet for the most qualified individuals from across all diverse groups.
As your recruitment partner, Activist Job Board helps you target a qualified group of job seekers from various backgrounds